Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lying? part 4

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I know that this has been far from exhaustive. My goal has been to whet your appetite and get you thinking about practical application of scripture. We so often justify or discount sin in our lives. Lying even more so than some other sins. It is acceptable in our society and to a degree has become acceptable, if the "motivation" is right, in the modern church. All our sin grieves God. As we grow to be more like Christ, our view of sin should become more like His.

Here are some great resources about lying.

The Destructive Sin of Lying(Part 1) by John MacArthur
The Destructive Sin of Lying(Part 2) by John MacArthur

Question & Answers with John MacArthur

At what point does deception become sin? For example, Rahab was commended for her faith, but apparently she lied when she was hiding spies. And, more specifically, what would you do if you happened to be hiding Jews in your house, and officials asked you if you were hiding Jews, how would you respond to that?

I just got back from a summer with an organization where we took Bibles and books into Eastern Europe and Romania. And, one such problem I had to deal with personally was, what would happen if I got to the border with a load of books and Bibles and was asked point-blank, which, maybe, I was, and I did not know it. "Do you have any Bibles?" What would be your ethical answer to that?

I would like to know when it is okay for a Christian to tell a lie. For example, like Corrie Ten Boom, an underground church, underground police officer. Just when is it okay?

Speak Truth with Your Neighbor by John Piper


RobenC said...

Thanks Jamie --
I haven't looked at all the links yet but I really liked the Piper article because he addressed the midwives in Egypt - which I had never thought of - along with addressing the motives and the heart.

Alicia said...

Here's a question that I didn't see answered (yet alluded to...)

What about "acting"? I have heard some people say that "One shouldn't be involved with acting because it's just full of lies!" Well, if that is the case (or not) should Christians be involved with acting? And IF acting IS okay (empahsis mine - not to be "icky", just... oh you know what I mean!), then isn't "undercover work" simply "acting"?

Just a thought...

(wow, I really do appreciate ya'll!)

Jamie McBride said...

With acting, typically the audience knows that it is not real. There is no true deception taking place.

When lying takes place, it is with the intent to deceive on party.

Jamie McBride said...

Ops. "one party" not "on party"

Alicia said...

"Two Shey" (I can't spell French words!)