Friday, June 23, 2006

God in a box?

Last week, my wife was telling me about a conversation she had. The person she was talking to dismissed her side of the discussion by saying, "You can't put God in a box."

I have always been bothered by this statement. The Stand To Reason blog posted about the same "God in a box" statement here.

So what do you think? "God in a box", is it a valid argument or a last ditch argument for someone who has no Biblical support?


RobenC said...

Well, since I was there, I can say it wasn't a last ditch argument. There was Biblical evidence to suport what was being said on both sides and several Bible verses and examples were used. I think the main problem was that one person was attempting to succinctly described something that was described in a Christian biography that gave her puase -- It would probably be best if we read the book first and then discussed whether or not we agree with what may or may not have actually happened in the book. The article said it well - "We all put God in a box - the box being how we best understand God's revelation of Himself in Scripture."
It wasn't argument for argument's sake; it was a discussion where, at least from my point of view, we agreed to disagree based on the box - and the fact that we hadn't read the book. We did, however, unanimously agree that it would not be prudent to include the book in our summer book club because it might prove to be a stumbling block for immature believers.

Jamie McBride said...

As the article said, "It's a way of dismissing someone's reasons without saying why they're wrong." I am fine with scripture being used to support a position. That is not what was done.

The discussion Kelly had was not my really my focus, but the reasoning of "you can't put God in a box." It is used when someone has no Biblical support for their position. It is almost a throw away statement that is usually said with an air of authority. Like it is an awful thing to “put God in a box.”

God by His very nature is in a box. He also at times throughout history has voluntarily put Himself in a box (after the flood, salvation, Abraham’s covenant, etc.).