Friday, July 14, 2006

July 14 update

Dear Family & Friends,

Much has happened since my July 6 update. Carol spent three days in ICU and was then transferred to a section of the hospital that specializes in physical and occupational therapy. On July 10 she was transferred from Cottage Hospital to The Rehabilitation Institute at Santa Barbara, which is a wonderful 25-bed hospital that provides specialized rehab. services (

Things have been a little rough for her at the Institute because they are still trying to find the proper balance of pain control and functionality. She still has considerable pain from the surgery, but the more pain medication she has, the more loopy she becomes, which diminishes her ability to participate in therapy. At the same time, if her pain level is too high, she is unable to concentrate on therapy. It’s a delicate and difficult balance to maintain at this stage of her treatment.

I was encouraged this evening because for the first time she showed signs of having an appetite and was alert enough to feed herself. Perhaps she has reached something of a breakthrough. Time will tell.

Her left hand, arm and leg mobility is improving daily, but her left side vision is still gone. Her therapists are focusing primarily on life skill activities, with the primary goal of increasing left side involvement in each activity. They are anticipating her being at the Institute for two or three more weeks.

Carol’s sister Gloria and our daughter-in-law Kelly were here for a few days and have now returned home. It was wonderful having them here, and we are so thankful for their ministry to us. We have also had visits, calls and emails from many dear friends like you. Your compassion and concern are overwhelming and deeply appreciated.

Our friends Al & CC Doctolero live just a few miles from the Rehab. Institute and have made a room in their home available to me for as long as Carol is in rehab., so I don’t have to make the long trip home each day. May the Lord bless them for their kindness. I have my work with me, so being away from my home office is not a significant problem. Finding time and concentration to do the work is the greater challenge.

I do have some prayer requests to share with you:

That the Lord will be honored in our lives each day as we progress through this trial.
That the people whom Carol has talked to about the Lord will be receptive.
That Carol will continue to improve so she can return home as soon as possible.
That she will get well enough to travel to Virginia to see our beloved grandchildren.
That the Lord will prepare our hearts, and those of our loved ones, for whatever He has in mind for Carol in the future.

There are many more requests, but the hour is late and I must close for now.

With deep appreciation for your prayers,


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