Saturday, January 28, 2006

To the youth leaders at OBC

"A blog? Are you signing up for a blog? Those are for kids, why would you do that?" Those were the words Kelly said to me as she noticed me setting this up. If you are not aware of the Christian blogsphere out there, that may be your thought also.

Although teens use blogs as online diaries, bands use them to promote themselves, etc. Christians have been using them to share doctrinal ideas, and have stimulating conversations. (I will introduce you to some of my favorites in due time, don't want to overwhelm you all at once)

I have been debating for the past year about jumping into this. I have come up with a hundred reasons not to do this and a few less for why I should. The main reason I have not jumped in is the time commitment. I did not want to add just another thing to my life that I needed to do.

So why now? I think there are two reasons why I have decided to jump into this.

1. I have been convicted since our summer study that my job as elder over youth, is headed more and more in the direction of equipping you as leaders to minister to the youth versus just ministering to the youth. The Lord can have a bigger impact at OBC if I multiply my ministry through you. I see this blog as a way I can interact with you through devotions, my thoughts, and just general interaction.

2. Another blog I read regularly stopped. His reason was the time needed to keep up with it was overwhelming. So why would that convince me to start one? He stopped his current blog to start up a new one. His new one has 5 people publishing on it. This team approach allows him to not be involved with the blog every day. I figured this would be a good approach.

So where does that leave us?

For the short term I will publish posts. I won't guarantee every day, but often enough.

Scott is working on making everything look better, and will be the next person I add to the list to publish. We may open this to the youth in the future, but for the short term I want this directed at the leaders.

You all are free to post comments on any of the posts.(you will need to sign up, ) In fact I hope you do. I don't want any confidential items posted here and no gossip.

Also, we all know I couldn't spell my way out of a wet paper sack. I will run spell check on all my posts, but no guarantee. If you want to comment on a spelling or grammar error, send me a private e-mail. Thanks.

I want to focus on equipping you and encouraging you.

Welcome aboard,


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Tom said...

I just got my account. I think this can be used as an effective communication tool. Let me know if you need any help.