Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gospel to Go

Have you ever experienced the joy of a person coming to a profession of faith in Jesus Christ?

I can say with a celebratory heart that I felt that joy this week. One of my students accepted Christ, becoming a new saint in the brotherhood. However, it is with sadness I tell you I was not a part of the sharing of the Gospel with him. In no way does this diminish my joy for his salvation and the sovereignty of God. To the contrary, I stand more in awe of God and His divine plan than ever before (read Friday’s devo). I realize though, that I don’t talk enough about the Gospel of Christ to those I am in relationship with.

Paul, in 1 Thessalonians 1:8, praised the church at Thessalonica because of the way they were faithful to the sharing of the Gospel. They didn’t just share the gospel locally; they took it on the road, where ever they went. Not only did they share the Gospel, they did it so much that Paul said, “8c so that we have no need to say anything”. Wow, what a heart for evangelism!

As individual Christians, we should be like an infection. Through word and deed we should be communicating the Gospel to all in our lives (Matthew 28:19-20). Would someone say of you, “we have no need to say anything”?

Do you take the Gospel to work?
Do you take the Gospel home?
Do you take the Gospel to Church?
Do you take the Gospel on vacation?

Are we, as youth leaders, teaching our youth to take the Gospel out of the church and into the world of their friends, schoolmates, families and sports teams? In a world of fast times and personal agendas, are we teaching our youth to identify what really matters and what to do about it?

These are the challenges of my heart. I praise God that in my weakness he is made strong.

I praise God that I will be sharing eternity with my student.


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Jamie McBride said...

Good post Scott. It is always good to hear about new members in the church.

One of the things we will be going over on the retreat this weekend, is do we have a full understanding of the gospel. So many Christians don't have a good grasp of what the gospel is, let alone how to share it.

This weekend we will take the opportunity to write down what scripture says the gospel is.