Monday, March 27, 2006

2006 Mission Trip Applications

Kelly and I read through all the applications last night. Here are my initial thoughts.

1. I am disappointed that a few youth did not turn in applications. I do not know their reasons yet, so my disappointment is tempered.

2. On the other hand there are some new youth going that I am very happy about. I hear we may build some muscles on this trip.

3. It was neat to see some affirmation for our ministry from the youth. Especially our time on Tuesdays.

4. Laura is extremely funny.

5. We are losing some great girls this year. I pray that the Lord will use this trip to continue to help them grow.

Any thoughts from you?

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RobenC said...

First - You don't have all of them. I have 27 applying on my list. So don't fret yet. Scott has a couple that were e-mailed directly to him that he hasn't forwarded on (Karl Nyborg is one of them) and he has three handwritten ones (Jake Mleziva, Hannah Silver, and David Getz). Plus - Cara Mingo's application is currently experiencing technical difficulties. She comleted it Saturday evening and then thought she had saved it -- but hadn't. I know you can sympathize with that one, Jamie. It will be in your inbox later today, hopefully.

I think we are definitely going to build muscles! And yes - Laura is EXTREMELY funny. I was laughing out loud when I read her application. I was also impressed with Marvin's. And more than one made me cry (happy tears...)

Did anyone else have trouble reading the first half of Ryan's? Mine was very light. I could make out some words but not all.

We have a strong group of 11th graders moving up for next year!

And we have some kids that have been in youth group for a while that are going on their first missions trip this year - which I think is great!

I have started a roster of potential attenders. I will forward that on to folks. Scott is going to combine all the e-mailed ones and scan the handwritten ones and send them out in a zip file.

Start making a list of questions you want me to ask while I'm in TN!