Thursday, March 16, 2006

Newb Alert

Newb definition: Truncation of "newbie". A neophyte.

We have a possible newb in our youth council. The elder board after 30 days of prayer and extensive questioning, will be presenting Rolland Watenpaugh this Sunday, as a deacon candidate in the youth ministry for 30 days of congregational prayer.

The Lord is sending reinforcements!

It was a blessing that the Lord set up the circumstances for Rolland to become a part of our council. He was brought forward by the FLOCKS council, but they are not in dire need of help. I had been letting the elder board know that we have needed more leaders, so when it was time to decide where to put Rolland, the elder board thought youth would be a natural fit.

Rolland, as most of you all ready know, has been teaching 11-12 grade Sunday School. He has been dong a great job with that and was invaluable during my preparation for the retreat.

Make sure you keep Rolland and Mary Beth in prayer for the next 30 days.


RobenC said...

Excellent news!
Thanks for letting us know, Jamie.
Does he want to go on the missions trip?? :-)

Tom said...

Awesome news! Roland is a welcome addition.