Monday, March 06, 2006

Genesis, dangers to the church and more.

I am still working on reading through Genesis. It seems as if everything is conspiring against me finishing it. I will have it done this week and have something to post before the end of the week.

I also plan to have an answer for the question I asked about dangers to the church. It is interesting. I have read several thing over the past week that have affirmed what I see as a danger for the church. I will post the links to those as well.

I am looking forward to our youth leader training tomorrow night. Make sure you hold your small groups accountable to their daily quiet times. My plan is to give you 45 minutes to an hour with your group. Spend the time going over the study, their progress or lack there of for the past week, and in prayer. Pick a passage that you think is relevant and pray through it. I will continue to provide character studies while we go through this study.

No one from our church has figured out what baseball stadium is in the original Genesis post. I have one correct answer from someone outside our church. And if you think that baseball and Christianity don't go together read this.

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RobenC said...

I am reading Genesis -- But I'm also studying it with Josh. It just happened to be where we were in our curriculum. So... I'm reading a lot of other material along with just the Bible reading. And it's also one of my favorite books.

I think I've heard the stories so many times, that sometimes it is difficult to read them with fresh eyes. To try to imagine what it was like to actually walk in the garden with God. We all long for that, I think. And the grievousness, the enormity, of the sin. And then the sacrifice - and the promise. And the beginning of a very long Advent. And that's just in the first three chapters!! Such a rich book.